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Microcurrent Face Therapy

FSM-RoomHands on Therapy is proud to be offering a new, healthy alternative service, a rejuvenating and revitalizing therapy for your face! This is a therapy unique to to other microcurrent services that combines not only the collagen-increasing properties known to microcurrent, but also frequencies that apply the principles of bio-resonance to help support the repair capabilities of your own face! Using frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) in a series of ten one-hour sessions, clients are finding that their skin feels increasingly soft and smooth, yet firmed with a healthy, fresh appearance that friends and family are definitely noticing!

Very specific frequencies generated by FSM appear to be highly effective at increasing the overall vitality of the skin as well as being quite soothing and relaxing to the client. You will never feel the current itself, only a wonderful sense of relaxation. The microcurrent levels used by FSM have been clinically shown to increase ATP production (or the energy levels) in your cells by 500%. This means that your cells enjoy five times the normal energy to help repair themselves and perform their normal functions (taking in nutrients and eliminating toxins and waste products, for example) at their peak capacity. Application of microcurrent has also been shown to increase collagen production. A healthy, glowing face is truly a beautiful face!

Is FSM Face Therapy Safe?

Microcurrent therapy is safe, FDA approved under the TENS unit category, and the current used is at the micro level that your own body uses. You do not feel the electrical activity of your own body, and therefore, you will not feel the current used in the face therapy session.

What Will My Experience Be Like?

A soft, damp face mask covering your face and neck will be comfortably applied with openings for your eyes, nose and mouth. If there is any concern, clients that generally have issues with claustrophobia have been completely comfortable using the mask! Two positive and two negative clips will be attached to the top and bottom of the mask and the microcurrent unit will be turned on for an hour session. You won’t feel anything but comfort!

You will lay back in a cushy, soft recliner and listen to soothing music and a trickling bamboo water fountain with a refreshing beverage and a dish of decadent chocolate treats on the table beside you. If there is another client relaxing in a chair beside you, you may either enjoy making conversation with a new friend or drift away in your own relaxed contentment.

To top off this one-hour slice of heaven, a complimentary hand or foot massage is offered to complete the spa experience.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

FSM Face Therapy sessions build on each other, and ten one-hour sessions are needed to see the very best results. The ten sessions are scheduled close together so that the benefits can keep building on each other. The optimal schedule would be three sessions per week for the first two weeks with two sessions per week for the final two weeks. After that, once-a-month appointments will maintain your face at its new appearance of health and vitality!

One, three and six one-hour sessions are also available for those who would like a quick perk for a special event or to simply sample the rejuvenating effects of FSM Face Therapy. The results should speak for itself and the pleasure of the experience is reason enough to indulge yourself!

Do I Need to Do Anything Special?

Be sure to drink two 16-ounce glasses of water before you come to each Face Therapy session. If you think that you might be dehydrated, increase your water intake for several days before your microcurrent session. Microcurrent needs fluids to effectively travel through tissue. So, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Caffeinated beverages do not count as hydration. Water is the best source, although non-caffeinated beverages and fruit juices are acceptable as well.

Wear comfortable clothing with a loose necked top to accommodate the face and neck mask. Necklaces and earrings will need to be removed. Because the face and neck mask must be damp for the current to run through effectively, it might be best to bring a change of tops with you. Or, a wrap-around drape will be provided if you desire.

FSM Face Therapy Pricing:

Package of ten one-hour sessions: $1000
Special introductory sale price for ten one-hour sessions: $450

Monthly one-hour session: $100
Special introductory sale price for monthly one-hour sessions: $55

Package of six one-hour sessions: $600
Special introductory sale price for six one-hour sessions: $300

Package of three one-hour sessions: $300
Special introductory sale price for three one-hour sessions: $165